January 26, 2022

Happy New Year


This is a happy time for me to greet all of you  a HAPPY New Year!

December 16, 2021 was a trying day for me, my friends, relatives and not only for my family but for all those who were typhoon Odette's victim.

Allow me to share to you today my gratitude and insights of the event.


  1. Thankful for we are all safe  including my 86 year old father in the province.
  2. Grateful for our 28 year old residence was not totally damaged, though the roof was torn. Sad to see friends' houses that were totally destroyed by typhoon Odette.

          It was so disheartening that they will start from scratch.               

3.Thankful that friends living in a place not affected by the typhoon were so generous to share funds that I was able to buy some groceries and supplies to be shared to about 20 families

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  1. Be prepared and updated.

The day after Odette there was so much people  affected, a long queue for  ATM machines, gasoline and for food.

Houses destroyed, things were all over wet and muddy, there was no electricity, no water  and no communication signal to be able to contact friends and family if they were safe or not.

It was a picture of unprepared devastated individuals.

The day before the storm I surfed through YouTube and saw CNN Australia calling Odette a super typhoon.  I took seriously the foreign news and told my hubby to prepare and buy food good for 3-5 days and get a little cash in case worse comes to worst.

Preparation as experts say is half the victory.

2. Prayer life must be taken seriously.

When you nurture your prayer life and you read scripture you will be guided and instructed and the hand of God will protect you.

Remember He is the author of life. 

Why am I able to click the channel of CNN Australia and saw their weather update?

Who would have thought that I feel the urge to prepare and buy food to sustain and get cash enough to be used in times of need.

3. Enjoy the journey, adjust and reflect.

The aftermath of Odette is to the highest level.

Up to this writing victims are still recovering.

Our roof is still not fixed.

Essential commodities are priced high.

But the good thing there are still good hearted people ready to help.

My Christmas was so dark but deep in my heart the light of Jesus was present seeing people helping each other bounce back to life.

It was an opportunity for us to teach our children the realities of life. Teaching them how to cope with difficulties and emergency situations.

Going back to what is basic and simple.

Wow, seeing neighbors gather at nights telling children stories.

It was family bonding time.

My husband and I realized that Odette and this pandemic may have given us discomforts in life but it has taught a lot of life's lessons.

What is your story?

Joyful, sad or just chill?

It's the best time of the year for us, keep the faith and move on, after all we have a God bigger than our problems.

" Joys are the whispers of God and pains are the shouts of God."

Happy New Year! Let's always hope for the best!

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