June 23, 2020

Budget Frightens Some Couples More Than Covid 19

Being locked down for more than three months because of the Corona virus I bet couples are more frightened of the word BUDGET than COVID 19 this time.

Budget frightens some couples who wouldn't want to feel tied down.

Savings are depleted, security of jobs are gone, bills are piling up, who wouldn't be afraid of all these circumstances and uncertainties.

Proverbs 21:5 reminds us that

"The PLANS of a hardworking man result in earnings, poverty is from those who act too hastily."  

King Solomon wrote this verse (Christian Community Bible) observing that kung ang tao ay nagpaplano and deliberate ang pagpili niya, he will get a better result kesa yong sumusunod lang sa uso. Planning ay bahagi sa ating pagiging good money stewards and pagiging wais sa ano mang resources meron ang tao.

This COVID pandemic is God's best reminder to us couples that if we haven't put our budget on paper at least let's keep a record on all the money we spend (at least for two months) and what we spend for. 

Ma-aamaze tayo wow ang daling mawala ng pera.

Gusto nating maging mabuting money stewards kung ano ang ibinigay ng Diyos sa atin.

Let us also put on record all the sources of money on this difficult time. Then we can ask ourselves and examine it.

Anything measured gets improved.

Four important questions to ask:

1) Do we like our budget?

2) If we continue on this plan, saan kaya tayo one year from now? Two years from now? Five years from now?

3) How can we augment our income? (This is a call for unity and cooperation)

3) On surviving for more than three months now, can we see the hand of God in our marriage? 

A workable budget is a genuine asset to a growing marriage.

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