October 7, 2018

No Expense Dating Ideas

Dating is an important component of an empowered marriage.

According to the Date Night Opportunity report from the National Marriage Project of University of Virginia date nights likely strengthens couple’s relationships.

Furthermore, the report found that date nights improve communication, and give couples the opportunity to focus on their relationship and feelings. It also brings back the romantic spark, the fun and arouses feelings for each other. Most importantly  it relieves stress and brings a strong sense of commitment.

Here are suggested date activities you may engage with your spouse.

1. Picnicking in the moonlight.

What a romantic night together!

Watch the moon and stars together.

Look for shooting stars and make a wish.

Bring finger foods and share to your spouse.

Cuddle in a sleeping bag.

2. Recreate your first date.

Wear more or less a similar dress that you wear during your first date.

See how much you can remember the details of your first date.

If you had dinner during your first dinner go to the same restaurant you went and reminisce.

Rule: Just be creative and have fun. (If you were with friends on your first date you may also invite them)

3. Create your short feature film.

 You may create a simple or an elaborate film as you wish.

Use your cellphone camera or DSLR camera. Return to your special places, take turns describing on the video.

Share your feelings and experiences back then and how you felt while filming. Tell your love story.

4. Make a poster of your family tree.

What is your spouse’s ancestral line?

Find out if your spouse have a pirate or an outlaw great great great grandparents. What if he has a queen

great great grandmother.

Bring a poster board, colored markers, family pictures and glue.

Tell stories and describe all the characters that molded who you are now.

Identify your learning and why you’re grateful for them.

What do you think you learned from them and pass-me-down gift for your children.

5.  Play fun board games or other games you prefer.

Scrabble, chess, monopoly, etc. are fun

Indoor games enhances your thinking power and of course will add up the spice in your marriage.

It is not about who won the game but it is more on  both having fun and bringing back the laughter and joy.

Source: Fun & Creative Dates for Married Couple

Couples delight when they share their love to each other.

Greater is God’s delight to see couples loving each other in God’s Way.

         “Singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs among yourselves, and making music to the Lord in your hearts.” Ephesians 5:19

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