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EmPowered Couples
Poised For Success!
Financial Empowerment Workshop

Half-day Couples Workshop to Strengthen Couple Harmony & Money Attitude & Skills to Scale Up Couple Income 


EmPowered Couples
Parenting Workshop

Half- day Couples Workshop to Enhance

Parenting Millennials


EmPowered Couples
VIP Online Business Summit

Starting Your

Couple Online Business Summit


“Marriages are meant to THRIVE and to experience ABUNDANCE physically, financially and spiritually.”

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We were so new then in our journey of marriage. Being a young couple we were so grateful that we decided to join the workshop for we found mentors, met friends and got tips and strategies that we will be able to use in our couple journey.

We pray for more events like this because it will not only feed our minds and hearts but also rekindle the flame of romance that we long to preserve 'til death do us part.

john & claire

We attended two of their workshops and will never forget the fantastic feeling of knowing that we can still create our marriage work, make it awesome with the help of the strategies and tools they gave us. It was so refreshing to know that we are not alone in our marital struggles and that there are creative steps to make our relationship amazing.


Gilbert & Eva

It was our first time to attend couple workshops and we definitely had fun. 

We were so caught up with the daily life's hustle and forgot to give time for our relationship to grow. Thank you for such an event, it reminded us that marriage is friendship and friendship is connection. The workshop made us rethink to the "NEXT level" of our relationship.

ariel & Criselda

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