November 11, 2019

From Honeymoon to Bliss

Many people say that honeymoon is just for a moment, maybe after a year or two or when the child had arrived then honeymoon is done. 

They say things will certainly change; from sweet to bitter, from soulmate

to a close relative and from confidant to a common friend. 

I hope you don’t listen to them.  

There is a big chance that they are not happy in their marriage life and they want us to be part of their club.

Given a choice, do we want an expiration date to romance?

Certainly not!

And I believe we still have a choice.

Shall we have to change the feeling from sweet to casual?

From soulmate to just a close relative?

From a confidant to a common friend?

Life is short so let's choose the most enjoyable and pleasing to the Lord.

Marriage life often gives us a detour, a cross road and disappointments from our expectations and goals.

Problems are frequent visitors and are inevitable, and there will be times that struggles will rob our happiness and romance seemed to lose its fire, but the Lord will see us through.

Let us keep our vow and commit to being tied up forever in God's loving grace.

Some may say I didn't sign up for infidelity; for cancer, for poverty, for infertility, for addiction, for brokenness, and for debts.

Oh yes, I think we did, we even signed up for the worse until our death when we made our vow to our spouse.

We declared, “to have and to hold you from this day forward for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, to love and to cherish, until death do us part”.

If we have the commitment to love and to cherish and to work it through we will surpass any storms and any mountains, all the pain, and all the hardships.

If we do not have the commitment, we throw the towel and lose the marriage.

Shall we accept only the good things in marriage?

Or must we embrace both the treasure and the pain?

When we love them just the way they are, then there is a real joy and true love.  We commit to love them not just because of their favorable characters but love them even in their flaws, in their limitations, and in their weakness.

Marriage will let us experience the sweetness of success and the bitterness in failure and disappointments, yet the one who remains standing in the ups and downs will experience the amazing bliss in marriage. 

Love and romance is a necessity for a successful marriage.

When you are both at home, do not just pass him by, touch him, touch his back, and hold her hand.

Look at your spouse in his eyes, have some eye contact. Simple eye contact makes the difference.

Do not just pass by. Get out on a date. Hold each other’s arm while watching movies. Dance even without music. Bring home her favorite chocolate. Kiss her unexpectedly. Kiss before you part ways and kiss before you say good night.

Staying in love in the honeymoon stage while our spouse is loveable and attractive is easy and is a good thing.

Staying in love when our spouse is awfully flawed is praiseworthy! It separates man from boys and woman from girls.

Contributed by

Ms. MJ Tapia

Co-Founder: Content Strategist/ TABLETOP Digital agency 


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