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Harmony & Money Mistakes Couples Often Struggle
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Commit Them All and You'll Forever Be in the Cycle of Financial Frustration

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Discover how to avoid the three common harmoney mistakes couples commit that will bring you financial frustrations, will steal your  joy and peace of mind  and will make you live a miserable married life.

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AVOID mistake #1

Discover how avoiding the first mistake can help you create a successful wealth blueprint and play the peso game right.

AVOID mistake #2

Discover the forgotten baby steps you can start to avoid the second mistake.

AVOID mistake #3

Discover the antidote to overcome the third mistake and achieve financial success.

The HarMoney Mistakes  Show You How Average  Couples Can Avoid These Harmony and Money Mistakes Instead Achieve Peace of Mind and Financial Success! 

Many  couples suffer financial stress putting a strain to their marriages. You know you're smart, both of you have been working so hard, so why haven't you achieved financial freedom, peace of mind and most of all not being able to live the lifestyle you want as a couple? Is its code as difficult as Da Vinci's code to crack? Where have you gone wrong?

What You'll Discover in this 3-Part Training:

The Successful Wealth Blueprint 

Learn how to create your wealth blueprint and be able to play the peso game right as a team.

The Recipe On Money Conversations

Learn effective and productive peso conversations with your spouse. Master its full recipe!

The Forgotten Baby Steps

Learn to put action on your forgotten baby steps and be in control of your finances.

What Others Are Saying:

Franklin Vios Speaker/Author

"A must for couples who are really serious in making their marriage stronger and finishing the journey together for better or for worse.

This program is a gift to us."

Melody Mier Pastry Entrepreneur

"Thank you for being my mentor Ate Jet for giving me new ideas especially in our finances!"

MJ Tapia Fulltime Mom & Onlinepreneur

"Dami learnings very vital sa buhay mag asawa. GOD bless you po mam jet!"

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