HarMoney Masterclass

self education for empowered couples to achieve HarMoney in their Relationship, Life And Financial Goals 

I  believe that building a harmonious and prosperous marriage should be desired! What about you?

Jet Elnar

Certified Marriage Mentor Author & Speaker

In this 8-week masterclass sessions, we've  couples transform their relationships, by transforming their relationship with money. Now, with my HarMoney Masterclass, I can share the same lessons with any couple anywhere, on how you can Scale Up Harmony and Money in Your Marriage.

You'll discover how to maintain your  harmony as a couple, organize your finances, clarify and create additional income streams that align with your values, manifest more money as a couple and minimize if not eliminate money arguments.

Every couple's values, priorities, and financial situations are different. This course is 
designed to help you and your partner get on the same page about your money mindset, your priorities, and your opportunities to create more wealth for your family.


Upset, angry and always in conflict with your spouse over finances? 

I teach couples like you start to build a STRONGLUCRATIVE  and PROSPEROUS-FRIENDLY marriage, achieve HARMONY and PROSPERITY together in less than 90 days, even if you start out without having no harmony, no much money and zero sign of prosperity.

This is how I want to make this simple for you and take all other distractions.
As a couple you need three tools to build your strong,

lucrative and prosperous-friendly marriage fast

HarMoney Detox




It was in 1988 that my mom was diagnosed of cancer. Being the eldest in a sibling of four I was responsible in helping my mom in her medication and also send my siblings to school. 

In 1994 I was happily married but money conflicts started to tear our relationship apart. We were in credit card trouble, paying house and vehicle mortgages, sending children to school and paying bills got between us. My hubby and I can not talk about money without hurting each other. Something must be wrong here, we realized.

2005 while we were struggling financially my hubby had a stroke and it was my realization that we were actually broke.

So while he recuperated, we also started going through the process of figuring out what to do with our finances. It was the start of our financial literacy but most of all financial transformation, though it seems for us that time that it was too late to save our financial troubles yet we still persevered and continued to learn more on how to bounce back.

In 2010, an opportunity to teach abroad was offered. Thinking that it will help alleviate our financial condition I applied for the position. Within a year we, together with fellow teacher applicants were interviewed, made to pay fees, promised of a sponsoring school yet still we were not deployed abroad. We were made to hope that sponsoring schools were still working on our papers.  

2012 two bad news came. First, my mom's cancer worsened and was already in stage 4. Second, we were in another financial trouble, this time we were scammed by the agency who kept promising me for a teaching job abroad. 

We were able to learn the hard way.  We continued our financial journey and prayed for financial healing.

It was year 2013 that  we  committed ourselves not to do it alone, there were mentors who helped and guided  us so that we can create our unique harmony and money blueprint.

Now paying forward, I will be sharing lessons my husband and I learned on that experience to you in less than 90 days which we were able to learn in several years. You will no longer enroll on several seminars, buy tons of books, hop from one mentor to another because I am going to journey with you step by step in your creation of your one unique harmony and money blueprint.


Yup, there's no perfect marriage but there are strong marriages because of the solid foundation the couple built together. Spouses may commit mistakes like us, but that doesn't mean that there is no hope to make life together great.

Who is this course for...

  • Engaged couples who would like to prepare themselves to married life and build solid foundations

  • Spouses who desire to save their marriage before and after their wedding

  • Spouses who want to balance harmony and money, discover roadblocks, deepen and enrich their marriage from good to great

  • Spouses who are tired of money fights & would like to gain a new perspective on prosperity in marriage

  • Spouses who are in distress and want to repair mistakes

  • Spouses who are a total beginner no savings, no investments, no expertise, no products

  • Spouses who want to grow their money fast & sure using a simpler and no brainer Cash Flow System Leveraging the Internet

Course modules include...

Phase 1: The Basics - HarMoney Detox

Module 1:

The 5 Simple Detox Steps That Will Help You Start To Create Your
Younique Harmony and Money Blueprint

Module 2:

The H.E.A.L.T.H.Y. AROMA (Art of Marriage)- How the 7 Pillars in Marriage
Will Lead You To Harmony and Prosperity

Phase 2: The Harmony

Module 3:

Your Individual PESO DNA, Your Money Matrix  and

How To Create & Interpret The Mixed and Matched  PESO DNA

Module 4:

How To Talk It Out, Deepen & Enrich Your HarMoney Relationship 
That Totally Crushes Any Conflicts, Stress and Arguments


Phase 3: Income Generation 10x

Module 5:

How To Ease Debts By Using A Done For You HarMoney 
Debt Payment System

Module 6:

The Couple’s Guide To Understanding Money Vehicles 

​For Short and Long Term Prosperous Cash Flow System

Module 7:

The Non-Techie Newbie Guide To Start Stocks Investing 

Module 8:

How To Become a Couple in Business by Scaling Up Your Income In Less Than 4 Months Using The Internet Even If
You Don’t Even Have Your Own Product

(Value of all 8 Modules    Php 49,997)

Plus more...

4 Follow-up Coaching Sessions (Value Php 39,997)

Full Access of

Step-by-Step  Debt Payment Blueprint 

  • (Value Php 9,997)
  • Step-by-Step Stocks Investing Startup Blueprint 
  • (Value Php 9,997)
  • Step-by-Step  Biz Startup Blueprint 
  • (Value Php 9,997)

Bonus #1 

SYMBISTC Marriage Assessment and Facilitation 

????? ????? ???????
Kick financial friction to the curb and ensure you realize your shared dreams together.

?????? ?????????????
Unpack your unique personality dynamics not only as individuals but more importantly as a couple.

?‍♂️?‍♀️???? ????? ?????
Discover your “hot topics” and the secret of leveraging conflict for a stronger relationship.

????? ???? ??????
Crack the code for deep and meaningful conversations to enjoy heartfelt and lasting connections.

????? ???? ????
Cultivate deeper intimacy and enduring passion for a lifetime of pleasure and fulfillment.

????? ??????? ???????
Create your ultimate soul-to-soul connection and discover how to infuse your relationship with meaning.

?? ?????? ?? ??? ??? ???? ?????????/??????? ??????? ????!

(Value Php 5,000)

Bonus #2 

Lifetime Membership of 

HMC Facebook Private Mastermind Group


Bonus #3

One Full Year Access of Monthly 

HarMoney Relationship-Bible Based Booster Resources

(Value Php13,997)

Bonus #4

Recorded Video of "Empowered Version of You" Talk of Sha Nacino 

(Value Php13,997)

Bonus #5

Recorded Video of "Empowered Version of You Talk" of  Trixie Esguerra

(Value Php13,997)

Bonus #6 

Automatic Access of non participating spouse 


Bonus #7


First to Get Invited to a limited slot 

Annual Marriage Empowerment Retreat 

in a Top Hotel or Resort in the country 


Total value Php 166, 976  
Regular Price Php 19,997
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See  what our graduates have to say...

I was newly married then and quite frustrated with my lack of tools to have my marriage stay in its honeymoon stage. It seemed like no matter what I did my relationship with my husband wasn't advancing into a better one. I thought I had hit the ceiling of my relationship abilities. After attending one of the marriage empowerment retreat  of Jet my relationship with my husband transformed and got significantly better. I was able to equip myself effective tools on how to handle difficult relationship situations.

I pray to live mindfully my EMPOWERED MARRIAGE 'til death do us part!

Trinidad Varias


​So happy and #feelingblessed for being able to graduate in your Harmony and Money Masterclass ate Jet!

It was a wonderful experience and we were able to learn a lot of things esp when it came to money matters. Fun and exciting permi ang klase and dili jud ka maka.feel og duka, ing ana xa ka exciting!

Swerte kaau mi, ang mga naka.avail sa imong klase (YEAY!!!). I know some people na magspend og time and money and still wala gihapon silay nakuha kai kulang2 ra ang inputs. But in your class? Hands down! Naa pay one on one coaching nga coming!!! Excited nko ?

Thank you for being my mentor ate jet! And for always encouraging me and giving me new ideas on how to grow my finances. Indeed, I am blessed for having you as my mentor. More masterclasses to come and have a blessed life! As you would always say " if you fail to plan, you plan to fail". Thank you and more power! ?

Melody Diras


Franklin Vios 


MJ Tapia

Homebased ESL Teacher

This is not for you if...

*You are against self education

*You  feel you are comfortable and secure of what you have now as a    couple

You  have all the desires of your heart

You  already know all money strategies to increase your couple income

* You  believe you don't need somebody's help


in 8 weeks or less, even if you’re the only one trying.