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What each of you will discover:

1. Your Money Methods

Kick financial friction to the curb and ensure you realize your shared dreams together. Know your individual money style, budget skills, financial fears and debt. Every couple benefits from a healthy "money talk" to stop money arguments.

2. Your Fight Types

Discover your “hot topics” and the secret of leveraging conflict for a stronger relationship. What do you agree or disagree? When you know how to fight a good fight, you can use conflict to your advantage.

3. Your Love Life

Cultivate deeper intimacy and enduring passion for a lifetime of pleasure and fulfillment. What is your unique way to give and receive love in your relationship? How do you view love in practical terms?

4. Your Personalities

Unpack your unique personality dynamics not only as individuals but more importantly as a couple. How does your personalities mesh?

5. Your Talk Styles

Crack the code for deep and meaningful conversations to enjoy heartfelt and lasting connections. Communication is the lifeblood of your marriage. Know how you like your spouse to communicate with you.

6. Your Deepest Longing

Create your ultimate soul-to-soul connection and discover how to infuse your relationship with meaning. Discover your individual needs and longing.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is this marriage assessment about?

It is a standardized test based on research developed by Dr. Les and Leslie Parrot which they called SYMBIS Assessment.

Every aspect of this assessment is grounded in multiple studies to ensure that the tool is both reliable and valid.

Who can take the assessment?

This assessment is intended for

* Engaged couples

* Newly married couples (1-4 years)

* Couples married 5 years and more

* Couples who intend to have a second marriage

Who will facilitate the assessment?

Jet and Manny Elnar are couples who are SYMBIS certified marriage assessment facilitators and mentors will facilitate the assessment and will spend sessions with you to help you discover new insights and skills to strengthen your bond.

Jet is a statistician, thus will be responsible in explaining to you the quantitative results. In addition Jet & Manny are certified coordinators of the Commission on Family and Life.

Why do we need a facilitator?

The Report is incredibly powerful and robust. For this reason, a certified Facilitator is required to help you understand and apply all of the valuable information it contains.

When can we take the assessment?

As soon as you have registered and assessment payment has been confirmed you'll be notified through an email that you may start the assessment.

Do we need to take the assessment together?

No. To ensure accurate results each of you will need to complete the assessment on your own without discussing it.

How long does it take to take the assessment?

Approximately 30 minutes.

Now we've finished the assessment what's next?

As soon as both of you complete the  Assessment, your Facilitator will be notified and then contact you to schedule your sessions, 

Are we going to have a copy of the result?


YES, when you're done with all the sessions with your facilitator, our 15 power-packed pages will be given to you that will provide you with:
  • Valid and reliable results backed by decades of research
  • Engaging exercises 
  • A snapshot summary of your marriage trajectory

Can we take it even if we're not yet engaged?

Absolutely. If your relationship is getting serious, it’s never too soon to begin the process of exploring your potential future together.

How much does it cost?

Assessment plus facilitator's fee of Php3,997

How do I contact you?

We’d love to hear from you for any reason. The most expedient way to connect is at: support@gjetelnar.com 

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Result of a couple who took the assessment:

"It is a big help for engaged couples like us to know what marriage life would be. Marriage is not about magarbong wedding it is all about growing old with the person  you love. During our 1st week of marriage assessment with  Jet and her husband Manny we discovered and learned a lot from them. If you need help for your marriage you are at the right place." - ROSE GUMERA  & EFREN PASIGA