the 7 steps revealed on how you can Position your Empowered marriage For Success Without Feeling Stressed! 
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Marriages are under attack!
Don't struggle alone!
Don't give up!

  • Launch your life long love. 
  • Assess your marriage wherever you are.
  • Learn the tools to create your purposeful, inspired, productive, God-centered, grace-filled and EMPOWERED marriage.
  • Find answers on why you should stay married and make the most of your married lives together?

What others say?

I was newly married then and quite frustrated with my lack of tools to have my marriage stay in its honeymoon stage. It seemed like no matter what I did my relationship with my husband wasn't advancing into a better one.

I thought I had hit the ceiling of my relationship abilities. After attending one of the marriage empowerment retreat  of Jet my relationship with my husband transformed and got significantly better.

Now she has this written in an eBook! Congratulations Jet!

I was able to equip myself effective tools on how to handle difficult relationship situations.

I pray to live mindfully my EMPOWERED MARRIAGE 'til death do us part!

Trinidad Varias - Wife/Bookeeper

I love everything written in this eBook. The 7 steps revealed became my eye opener.

Jet is right when she said that marriage is not taught in school BUT because of her eBook, I became guided on what to do with my marriage

For me, she has enough knowledge & experience on how to empower marriage. Aside from that, she's a mentor to married couples more than a decade already.

She had her own ups & downs but was able to stand up and prove that she has an empowered marriage. She is definitely the right mentor when it comes to marriage empowerment & a leader because she can take your marriage a LIFT when your'e DOWN.

Cynthia Fuller - Founder

About the Author

Jet Elnar

Jet together with her hubby Emmanuel are U.S. certified marriage mentors,  Marriage Assessment Facilitators. She herself is a certified life coach.

As a couple they serve as Family Life Apostolate coordinator in their local parish.

An educator by profession, for twenty six years until her mom got stage four cancer. She decided to help her dad take care of her mom thus Jet had to retire early. It was at this moment of her life that she started to venture on her real passion of people empowerment through writing and speaking during gatherings, seminar-workshops, retreats and online webinars.

Founder of Ecclesiastes Training and Development Services, a seminar organizing company and Marriage Empowerment Tribe that offers marriage and personal empowerment programs.

Most importantly, Jet is a loving wife and mother and is passionate about promoting the value and purpose of human life that inspires to her creation of all her EMPOWERMENT blogs, courses, ebooks and events for people to be able to create their best version of themselves.