Beginning April 15, 2021

  • 5-Day Power-Filled Challenge  to create your marriage roadmap led by Jet Elnar 
  • Begins April 15th
  • Daily marriage levers that fit into your busy day 
  • Access the challenge anywhere- on mobile, desktop, laptop or tablet
  • Learn strategies, marriage boosters that make your marriage, life and career look different 

Goodbye uncertainties, insecurities, stress & frustrations!

This challenge is for you...

if you are having a passionless marriage but you are willing to reignite the excitement you once had with your partner...

if your marriage is hanging by the thread, deep inside you really don't want to end the marriage but not sure if you can really stay and persevere...

if you have a good marriage and would like to make it the best in 2021 to forever then walk away with a complete marriage roadmap that will let you GO, GROW, GLOW in LOVE even if your spouse refuses to change.                                 

Marriage Empowerment: Couple Goal Setting

Imagine having real, lasting, unshakeable, empowered marriage in the midst of a world where nothing seems solid.

You can.

Love, peace of mind and real joy in a relationship isn’t found in the places where most people would think to look.

Going, growing and glowing in love in your marriage doesn’t depend on a change in your circumstances, but a change in YOU and your GOALS

Join Jet Elnar  for a FREE online 5-day GOAL SETTING challenge.

You can make 2021 the best year ever  despite the pandemic you experienced.

Go in Love

There is no going if in the first place you are not clear where you are going. You will learn how to have an intentional marriage.

Grow in Love

Consistency in connection with spouses is a constant pain.  Increase your connectivity skills with your partner and significant people around you by attuning your goals in life.

Glow in Love

Radiating love in your relationship and living a life you dreamt of, brings peace of mind, joy and abundance.  Learn the secrets of achieving them.

Meet Your Challenge Leader

Jet Elnar

A U.S. certified marriage mentor and marriage assessment facilitator. Founder of Marriage Empowerment Tribe and Ecclesiastes Training and Development Services. Speaker and author of "7-Step Solution to Rescue Your Marriage Before It Starts to Crumble."

Amazing Leader

Pick her brain and checkout how she survived and empowered  her marriage.  

Made For You

5 Days of Empowered-filled ideas, made specifically fit for your busy days ahead where you can watch anywhere.

Completely FREE

This challenge is brought to you at no cost, thanks to the generosity of all the speakers, team and sponsors.

What Others Say

"I was newly married then and quite frustrated with my lack of tools to have my marriage stay in its honeymoon stage. It seemed like no matter what I did my relationship with my husband wasn't advancing into a better one. I thought I had hit the ceiling of my relationship abilities. After attending one of the marriage empowerment event  of Jet my relationship with my husband transformed and got significantly better. I was able to equip myself effective tools on how to handle difficult relationship situations. I pray to live mindfully my EMPOWERED MARRIAGE 'til death do us part!"                                 

- Trinindad Varias -

"It was our first time to attend couple workshops and we definitely had fun. We were so caught up with the daily life's hustle and forgot to give time for our relationship to grow. Thank you for such an event, it reminded us that marriage is friendship and friendship is connection. The workshop made us rethink to the "NEXT level" of our relationship."                                         - Ariel & Criselda -

Goodbye uncertainties, insecurities, stress & frustrations!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What if my partner is not willing to join with me?  

Always bear in mind that you can not give what you do not have. In the first place your decision to join is not for your spouse but for YOU! This challenge will equip you with strategies and tools which you can use to achieve harmony in your relationship even if your partner refuses to join and change.

What if I can't attend the time schedule of 9:00 A.M. - Philippine Time?

If you want a lifetime recorded copy of all the talks you can become a VIP attendee simply register here.