Do You Have A BIG Dream For Your Marriage  And Want To Boost Your Relationship, Feel Loved and Look Empowered Without Sacrificing Your Personal Passion?

Have you ever asked yourself any of the following questions...

Where did our passion go?

What will inspire us to continue in this relationship?

We are working hard but why can't we improve our economic life?

Until when will I be stressed in this rat race of my married life?

Why can't I change him/her? Why is it that it's always me who's adjusting?

When will our relationship run smoothly and at peace?

How can we stop this money-rooted arguments?

Is there a chance for us to prosper?

If you say, "YES I asked some if not all of these questions,"  then YOU ARE HAVING SYMPTOMS OF A HEART MUSCLE CONFUSION!

H.M.C.  is when you are confused on your feelings for your partner, overwhelmed on the different non-effective actions you applied and advices you received from friends and family to make your marriage right and work for the better. You can not even find the missing piece of your relationship that even if you have worked hard, it still gives you the feeling that you are no longer inspired, stuck, fears separation and you keep on chasing peace, joy, money and prosperity.

Your inner self wants to tell your partner...

I am lonely.

Please be good to me.

Why can't you let me stop crying.

If You Ignore These Pains, It Just Gets Worse

The hurts pile up, multiplies marital problems, and even lead to your separation, that feeling of abandonment and humiliation prevails which is not what you envisioned to have, this is not what you dream of when you decided to commit, marry and live with your partner.

If You Take Care Of Your Marriage

You can be looking out with little effort when you will have your next vacation, growing old together with harmony and prosperity instead of a situation that you had created with no communication, no connection, no fun, money is scarce and a love tank empty for each other.

Hi Friend I’m JET ELNAR.

We have seen our share of marital struggles but what we have also seen were relationships transformed.


I would like to tell you our story about being saddled with debt, having symptoms of H.M.C. and how we managed to gain control over our finances, live the life we always imagined, and start a thriving business.

Like you, all we envision of is a harmonious, prosperous marriage, seeing myself and partner happily playing with our children, and if problems will come our way we overcome them together.

But things were not what we thought of.

My mom got cancer.

My father in law got sick.

I had a complete bed rest during my pregnancy and stopped working for the whole term.

We always were in money trouble.

In our first day of marriage we already incurred a house mortgage, through a government housing institution that accepts housing loans.

After a year I got pregnant and had a full term complete bed rest that added the burden since I had to make a ten month work leave for I almost had a miscarriage.

On this same year my husband decided to make a vehicle loan believing that it would save us time and travel cost.

One afternoon, he came home with a credit card on hand for they were made to get one in their company.

We were happy for a while because we can make  purchases if worse comes to worst financially. Then credit piled up, compound interest rose and woke up one morning in credit card trouble.

All this time we had so many problems, wrong financial decisions and we were always in money argument and without peace of mind. We felt so unauthentic  while we were serving a couple community and church our relationship was a disaster at home. There was even a moment when I contemplated separation from him.

During those times, I had heart muscle confusion, there were times I hated him but  I also felt that I still loved him.

Our day to day encounter was not inspiring and counterproductive.

I was so lonely inside.

I felt I had nobody to listen to my feelings of helplessness. 

I was so afraid to share to a family member or a friend about all my problems to protect myself, to spare me from embarassment and humiliation.

Life was not easy and energies were so low.

Then one day, I had an opportunity to apply for a job abroad.

Thinking that earning in dollars will help alleviate our financial condition I was so hopeful.

Together with fellow teacher applicants, we were interviewed, made to pay six figure fees, promised of a sponsoring employer yet still we were not deployed abroad.

We were made to hope that our sponsors were still working on our papers.

But the unexpected happened. I got scammed by the agency. 

When it rains it pours, at that same time my mom's cancer was in  stage four.

The last blow was when my hubby had a stroke.

It was my turning point,  literally we were  BROKE, not a single peso was saved.

We were in debt trouble. Our relationship was not getting better. It was a mess!

He then took an early retirement to recuperate and use the separation pay for some of our debts.

Later, I too availed an early retirement.

Obviously it seems we needed financial literacy.

Nope. We needed an overhaul!

But what we needed most that time are people who can mentor us on how to bounce  back and how we can recover losses.

It opened our minds.

What we really needed that time was not "financial literacy" but TOTAL TRANSFORMATION.

Our mind, body, heart  and soul must be transformed. 

We prayed for financial, emotional and physical healing.

Then We Found Our SAVIORS

We were able to have peace of mind and stopped money arguments.

We serve in church with authenticity and joy.

My husband is helping me in my passion to write books, speak and eventually led us to mentoring couples.

We started to financially recover.

Our business is moving forward.

Together with my hubby, Manny, became  U.S. certified marriage mentors, marriage assessment facilitators and we have the privilege to mentor spouses for more than ten years now.

In short  we started to build a harmonious and empowered relationship.

Our realization and mantra, " Great marriages begin with a solid foundation."

Two Things That Helped Us Change Our Couple Situation.

We did only two things...


We agreed working on our SELF IMPROVEMENT to work for a better relationship.

We redirected our heart and mind to what is true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, gracious, excellent and worthy to be praised. 

In short, we focused on the positive side of the crisis.

As experts would say, "our thoughts determine our lives."

When our thoughts changed, our lives changed.

When our thoughts changed, our relationship also changed.

We agreed to having CLARITY of our destination as a couple.

It was the best thing that happened in our marital journey.

Being clear on our STRATEGIES to not only survive but to THRIVE in this complex world gave us a new perspective specially in the perspective of Harmony and Money.


Our self-reformation started when we got rid of pride, we allowed ourselves to be mentored, we were again life students, read books, attended lots of trainings, bought lots of online programs, talked to relationship and financial experts.

We took the  marriage assessment to be more aware on the dynamics and momentum of our relationship backed with real data.

We went through the process of improving our habits and our mindset as an empowered spouse.


Every marriage has its own circumstance.

What worked for others may not work on your own.

What we discovered along the way that there are seven common steps applicable for all marriages to reach the destination of love. We created our customized roadmap.


For years and to date we were able to share what we know to engaged and married couples.

Couples experienced the assessment, and created their own unique METO Roadmap

And you can just imagine the joy they felt and how fulfilling it is on our end to find spouses happy and thriving in their own relationships.

Everything changed.

I began to pursue my passion. I wrote an ebook.

We started our Marriage Empowerment Toast live streaming on our Facebook group, page and YouTube channel.

Spouses started to email us, commented on our videos and sent private messages.

We've noticed common couple problems like money, infidelity, attitude problem, commitment,  communication etc., but what is inspiring us is that they, including YOU want to be mentored!


METO Membership

We call it the Marriage Empowerment Tribe Oasis or in short, the METO way.

It is a dynamic and supportive membership community divided into two areas harmony and money. We are here for each other every step of the way, navigating the challenges of your marriage. 

How would you feel if you have found your oasis - refuge, relief and fertile ground to empower you to work for marital happiness?

I know how it feels when you are lonely,  have nobody to listen and support you, whom you can trust to discuss salient marital issues that you can't divulge to your family and friends because you are protecting yourself and your marriage from embarassment and humiliation.

Prevention is better than cure! Why wait to experience all destructive feelings and thoughts when you can prevent them to come on your way by being intentional in your marriage?

You deserve to be happy! Right? But you have to work for that happiness.

Get ready to get in the best shape of your marriage, stop the negative feelings and thoughts! Be in our community!

METO - Marriage Empowerment Tribe Oasis Membership will be here for you to mentor you!

As a METO member I appreciate much the marriage assessment on the first month, my husband and I got a lot of insights especially that we've been married for quite some time already and still we've got new discoveries from the result on delicate marital issues that needed our attention and nurturing.

As our mentor,  your sincerity is amazing, we feel it thru your sharing. your content is superb. Talagang kapupulutan ng aral. Your consistency is commendable. We are hoping to be like you. We want to follow your footsteps. Please train us. God bless your endeavors.

Ma. Lourdes Blaquera-Cruz - Author and wife

It is a big help for engaged couples like us to know what marriage life would be. Marriage is not about "magarbong" wedding it is all about growing old with the person  you love. During our 1st week of marriage assessment with  Jet and her husband Manny we discovered and learned a lot of insights from them. From the result we were able to create our own customized version METO Roadmap! 

If you need help for your marriage you are at the right place.

Rosemarie Gumera - YouTube Content Creator

It really helped us a lot! We were able to see what triggers our conflicts and arguments that made us aware our needs and on how to handle them. (Nakita namin ano yong mga puedeng pagmulan ng away, ano yong kailangan ng isa't isa) 

I highly recommend it.    

Trixie Esguerra- Vision Board Coach

P.S. Click video to play.

In addition, if before we were busy arguing who is right or wrong, how to make life better,  now we are occupied to deliver couple talks, create  online Marriage Empowerment videos, join other spouses speak on workshops.

Start it right this time!

Go, Grow and Glow in LOVE , be a better version of you!

We'll be with you in your couple journey to mentor our Work-Smart-Not-Hard IDEA our METO ROADMAP!

Fixing your relationship and rescuing your couple wallet is not impossible you just need a roadmap!

Customize your roadmap according to your own couple circumstance.

How lovely it would be if you will be crafting your own customized roadmap together or if even alone if your partner is not yet ready to join you!   

My motto...


Yup, there's no perfect marriage but there are strong marriages because of the solid foundation the couple built together.

Spouses may commit mistakes like us, but that doesn't mean that there is no hope to make life together great.

The truth is, there is no marriage school that teaches the skill set needed to help spouses the right strategy and ways to be able to connect with their life partnerssave marriages before it starts to crumble using the roadmap Without Having To Go Through Painful Confrontation.

I've made it my mission to spread the message about our METO Roadmap to equip and mentor more and more spouses create purposeful, inspired, productive and empowered marriages. 

To realize this mission I need to build infrastructure and team.  

My Vision:

A tribe of empowered spouses who achieve their couple dreams without sacrificing their personal passion and if you'd like to support this mission...

I invite you to join METO Membership

Be PURPOSEFUL to Achieve Your Couple Dreams,  INSPIRED to  the Fullest in the Company of Your Spouse, PRODUCTIVE in Your Finances and Look EMPOWERED as You Journey Together in Your Married Life


Now if you are a spouse who...

  • is stuck 
  • fears separation
  • resents your current relationship situation
  • is threatened by financial security due to this pandemic 
  • is sacrificing your own passion

But you ...

  • want to create massive wins
  • dream to restore joy
  • love to get on the fast track to being happy, healthy and holy
  • desire financial stability   
  • set your own heart to pursue your passion

Then It Is Time To Be one of the first members who join and receive over Php 20,000 worth of incredible METO relationship blessings!

 METO Blessing #1 

Now You and Your Spouse Can Take The Marriage Assessment

(Value Php 3,997)

There is no better way to start your marriage right than assessing it! 

Some couples spend more time preparing for their wedding than they do for their marriage since wedding plans are more tangible. But the truth remains: Being prepared for a wedding does not equal being prepared for the ups and downs for a marriage.

Marriage assessment is not a test. It is not designed as a predictor of success or failure in marriage. It is NOT a relationship breaker but a relationship maker. It is a CATALYST for personalized insight and exploring how you can leverage your unique combination of your personalities as spouses for navigating your lifelong love.

The process is completely confidential and results will be held privately and will never be made public.

METO Blessing #2 

Receive Our Marriage Printables in PDF Format!

(Value Php 3, 000)

Printable materials will be afforded to you as part of the support namely, your customizable couple journal, couple planner, couple finance ebook, a startup blueprint for your future couple business and more. Of course, all of these are absolutely FREE!

METO Blessing #3 

You Can Attend A Virtual Workshop FREE Admission

(Value Php 4, 997)

Two virtual workshops- Poised For Success: Financial Empowerment Workshop and Empowered Couples Online Business Workshop will be made available to you.

METO Blessing #4 

Get Practical Guidance In A Virtual Call With A Certified Mentor

(Value Php 14, 997)

Our community loves this group interactive call and we know you will too, because it is your opportunity every week to ask any burning questions you have about your marriage, business, and other marital issues.

We will talk about the TOP things you need to reach your desired destination of your relationship.

METO Blessing #5 

Happy You Plus Happy Spouse Automatic Access  

(Value Php 5,997)

Of course your spouse is most welcome! 

Automatically your spouse will be given his or her own access of the METO Membership even if he or she may not be ready to journey with you yet. But never loose hope, what a nice way to attune your mind and spirit if you are learning the same Go, Grow, Glow framework, at your own time and convenience. 

METO Blessing #6 

Enjoy Community Support Through A Private VIP Facebook Group


The VIP Private Facebook Community allows you to be with like-minded spouses. Experience is the best teacher as educators would often say, sharing common couple experiences enhances learning and camaraderie.

As this popular quote of Jim Rohn says:

"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with."

METO Blessing #7 

You Can Earn A Passive Income


You can earn while on vacation or at sleep by being an affiliate. You will earn a one time 10% commission for every person that joins METO through your referral or invitation. An affiliate training and link will be provided to you once you are a METO member. 


Marriage Empowerment Tribe Oasis Membership provides you access to a valuable, unique and growing library of videos, courses, and downloadable resources that will support and create physical, emotional and spiritual connection inside of your marriage and help design a PURPOSEFUL, INSPIRED, PRODUCTIVE and EMPOWERED married life roadmap.

 Bonus Videos

Access to videos that will guide you step by step for you to grow in your relationship, sharing tips and advice for building a wildly successful marriage. It is not of course to overwhelm you with input without any transformation, our #1 goal is to inspire & empower you in the easiest way possible.

Bonus Toolkit

Online tools that will transform your marriage to a healthy one. Every month we publish kits and activities that will help your marriage brim with inspiration and fun.                     

Bonus Courses

Journey with you in learning the ingredients of a marriage recipe through mini and masterclass courses that tackles common issues like money, communication, sex and more where two or more people coming together in harmony to solve problems and expand your idea of what is possible.

Here's What Some Of My Students-Mentees  Say

What I love about being a METO member is we are constantly being reminded that new bonus mini courses are available and the topics posted in our exclusive member's METO ACADEMY  is relatable to what's happening to every couple and most especially to us who desire to flourish in our relationship as husband and wife. My husband and I were so impressed by the insights revealed to us when we had the marriage assessment report. Data driven, scientific and helpful to our relationship as we had struggles during the time we took it. Today, our marriage has a total transformation, the relationship strategies and tools shared to us inside the membership helped us a lot in improving our communication and conflict management. I also like the topics being discussed everytime you're doing your live sessions and how you interact with us, your members. I always look forward in meeting you soon physically. You're one of those people who helped us a lot.

Day Espique Alonte -Product Specific Trainer & a loving wife

A must for couples who are really serious in making their marriage stronger and finishing the journey together for better or for worse.

This program is a gift to us.

Franklin Vios - Speaker-Author

Dami learnings very vital sa buhay mag asawa. GOD bless you po Nay Jet!

MJ Tapia - Business Manager @ Tabletop Digital

So happy and #feelingblessed for being able to graduate in your Harmony and Money Masterclass ate Jet which is part of this membership!

It was a wonderful experience and we were able to learn a lot of things especially when it came to money matters. Fun and exciting permi ang klase and dili jud ka maka.feel og duka, ing ana xa ka exciting!

Swerte kaau mi We were so lucky), ang mga naka.avail sa imong klase (YEAY!!!). I know some people na magspend og time and money and still wala gihapon silay nakuha kai kulang2 ra ang inputs. But in your class? Hands down! Naa pay one on one coaching nga coming!!! Excited  ?

Thank you for being my mentor Ate Jet! And for always encouraging me and giving me new ideas on how to grow my finances. Indeed, I am blessed for having you as my mentor. More masterclasses to come and have a blessed life! As you would always say " if you fail to plan, you plan to fail". Thank you and more power! ?

Melody Diras - Home-based ESL teacher, wife & mom

I never thought it was possible until our mentorship video chat nga mao akong gi look back pag present sa akong mga anak sa bizniz nangita ra ko sa strongest why (which I used to look back and present to my children about the bisniz to find the strongest why). After you teaching us step by step what to do to start our business I was so determined and passionate upon knowing through your guidance that the opportunities are within our hands. So grateful Sis Jet that you were there mentoring us in our couple finance journey and seeing our future in preserving harmony in our relationship and starting out our online business.

 Joseph Pardo - Teacher turned entrepreneur

If you’re looking for more hands on help and support then come and join our membership. You’ll get access to all of our training sessions and get to connect with our members!


& Never Miss Your Chance To Be Mentored!


Jet is a loving wife and mother. Together with her hubby Emmanuel are U.S. certified marriage mentors and assessment facilitators. She herself is a certified life coach. 

Jet is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from University of the Philippines and a Master of Science in Mathematics at Ateneo de Manila University. Earned a Diploma for Special Education. She is an author, speaker, statistician and professor. Founder of Marriage Empowerment Tribe and Ecclesiastes Training and Development, a seminar organizing company.

As a couple they have their share of marital struggles, fights, relationship dryness and their story of overcoming them.

Now they serve as Family Life Apostolate coordinator in their local parish. Jet is passionate about promoting the value and purpose of human life.