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Congratulations And Welcome To The Marriage Empowerment Tribe Oasis For Spouses!

We’re looking forward to helping you launch and build your purposeful, inspired, productive and empowered married life because you deserve a stress free, happy, healthy and holy marriage.

We’ve loaded up your new member’s area here with lots of valuable resources, marriage growth tools, and business-building blueprints to help you succeed on your marriage journey.

Watch the Marriage Empowerment Tribe Oasis For Spouses Welcome Call:

On the welcome class, we’ll dive into the training part of the Marriage Empowerment Tribe Oasis For Spouses (and this is the most important part!).

NEXT: Go through your courses and bonus trainings here in your member’s area.

You’ll notice that we’ve put a bunch of extra surprise bonus courses inside your member’s area here, so you’ve got an awesome set of training to get you going.

I recommend that you go through these programs in particular:

Stage 1- Take the Marriage Assessment

Stage 2- The Marriage Empowerment Go, Grow, Glow in Love Challenge: This will teach you how to create your best marriage version, how to get started , and how to design your unique roadmap that actually leads you to a better relationship. 

Click Here To Watch “The Marriage Empowerment 3G Challenge”

Stage 3- Positive Imaging: This training is the core training module from my Realigning Program, which shares the what, why and how of positive imaging you'll need to achieve a harmonious relationship. 

Click Here to Watch “Positive Imaging”

Growth Track 1- Master Your Couple Money Quickstart: This is the core training module from my “Self Made Wealth” program, which shares the mindsets and strategies you’ll need to succeed with your couple money in today’s world.

Click Here To Watch Now

Growth Track 2- Double Your Day: As a coach, you’ll need to become more productive in order to build your business. This class will show you the secret to creating habits that last, and that dramatically increase your productivity.

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There’s a lot more inside your member’s area here. We really want you to have a lot of powerful resources to show you how to build a solid foundation in your marriage.

REMEMBER: The most important thing is to be on the live welcome class on every Tuesday, at 9 am Manila Time.  Put it on your calendar now, and watch your email for the attendance link.

WELCOME to the Marriage Empowerment Tribe Oasis For Spouses!