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Foundations in Marriage

Some couples perceive an assessment as something they will either pass or fail. The SYMBIS assessment is not designed as a predictor of success or failure in your marriage. Rather, it is a catalyst for personalized insight and exploring how you can leverage your unique combination of your personalities for lifelong love. The process is completely confidential and the results of your assessments are held privately and will never be made public.

Marriage empowerment challenge is designed in a way that at the end of every sections you are going to create your own couple planned strategy that you will use to help you reach  the desired destination of your relationship. 

It is the objective of the challenge that you will be able to design your own couple roadmap as you continue to travel in your marriage journey.           

If by chance you were able to attend in one of our MEC event treat this stage as your review.                                                                                          

This stage is a mini course that will introduce you on the power of visualization in your relationship, what it is and how it works. 

This stage will guide you on how you may achieve amazing and powerful results of positive living and positive thinking.