help! we want to be financially empowered and poiseD for success 

Finally, an event that will show you How To WIN ON your Income As An Empowered Couple. Discover The Strategies on what to do, when and how To Solve Your Money Worries, Position Yourselves To Success and Build A Stronger, empowered Relationship

STOP the Breakdown and START  Scaling Up


The Money Success  YOU WANT to Achieve With You​​​​r Partner


Imagine A Home Where...

*you know exactly where your marriage is heading because you have an agreed vision and clear pathways to get you there

*you have a productive discussion about marriage and money...instead of yelling matches of who earns more, who is right, who pays the bill and who has  excellent money management

*you find a happy balance on harmony and money

You always wanted to improve your couple finances but ...

* it stirs plenty of emotions and cause stress in everyday life, so you try to keep the peace by keeping mum about money

*your spouse has conflicting ideas about money or won't even participate in the discussion of money

*though you understand the need you just don't want to because it seems like too much work 

*you turn a blind eye to the issue

*you are holding into the belief that everything will work itself out naturally

*you have nobody that will teach you where, when and how to start

This is for you if...

* You want peace of mind and eliminate money stress and conflicts

* You are an advocate of self education

* You yearn to improve your financial quotient on money stewardship & management

You want to learn and be guided on how to kickstart stocks investing

* You  love to achieve harmony by understanding your opposing money dynamics

* You want to create multiple income streams in your relationship

* You dream to learn how to fill  your  wallet in a most ethical and doable way

*You aspire to live the lifestyle you want

This is not for you if...

* You want a quick rich scheme

*You  feel you are comfortable and secure of what you have now as a couple

* You  have all the desires of your heart

You  already know all money strategies to increase your couple income

* You  believe you don't need somebody's help

* You are looking for  a scam, sorry you won't find it here

*You are against self education


Can you relate?

Scenario #1: 

Living paycheck to paycheck

Every payday, many Pinoy couples, spouses & singles treat themselves to a splurge. But when come Petsa de Peligro, they skimp even on essentials like food just to get by until the next payday. And then the nasty cycle goes on.

What about you? Do you fear the danger of depending solely on salary to cover all your expenses? Having no spare cash for your emergencies (like an accident or illness) and falling into the debt trap.

Scenario #2: 
Poor savings habit

Only four in every 10 Filipinos have savings. And interestingly, nine out of 10 working Pinoys are worried about being short of money when they retire, according to a study by the Global Aging Institute and Pru Life UK.

But deep down in your heart you would like to start building passive income from sources that allow you to make money with little investment in time and effort yet you don't know where and how to start.

Scenario #3: 
Having too much debt and broke

A 2015 World Bank survey found that 23 million adult Pinoys were short of cash for basic needs. Out of that number, a whopping 94% borrowed money from family, friends, or money lenders to cover their living expenses.

Do you hate living on borrowed money? You know it's bad for your physical and emotional well-being but it seems that you are now in a toxic mess.

Don't panic help is coming!
a once in a lifetime event for you to be there, seize the moment of learning and achieving financial success with your partner

Topic 1:

The HarMoney Secrets

In this segment you will discover your different money habits and attitudes and how your Money Personality Combination Can Affect Your Marriage - once you understand these and know how to properly deal with your opposing peso dynamics you will be so relieved and empowered!.

Topic 2:

Scale Up Income by Stocks Investing

In this segment you will  discover a SUCCESSFUL Stocks Investing System You Can Do TOGETHER - how you can quickly and systematically start together plus  figure out YOUR win / win scenario!

Topic 3:

Multiple Income Streams

In this third segment you will Learn How to Achieve Multiple Income Streams with the FULLERMIND, what will work for you to scale up income  <<< Learn how to add cash flow to your budget without quitting your job or current business. We totally get the reality of salaries are not enough to fight inflation! 

Topic 4:

The Married Wallet

In this last segment you will hear from  a financial guru on How  You Can Successfully Challenge the Conventional Thinking and discover a formula and system to stop the number one relationship killer, MONEY. Find out how to overcome common roadblocks that keep couples from reaching their money goals.


Do you know that...

The average Filipino couple spends Php 200K for a wedding

The average Filip​​​​ino spends Php 100K per year for college

The average Filipino invests Php 30K to start a small business

The average annulment cost in the Philippines is Php  200k

And yet, an average Filipino spends Php 0 on any relationship education  

As in ZERO

Why not make a difference, START to invest into THE most important relationship in your life

your marriage!

Reserve your  SEAT today!

Meet four influencers and experts with their fun and lighthearted approach, they motivate individuals and couples to stop fighting and start communicating, along with inventing  Money strategies and hacks. Be with these authors, motivational speakers, and regulars on giving masterclasses online with respect to wealth creation.

presented by

Cynthia Fuller   is the founder of The Fuller Mind. She's a top affiliate of one of the digital products in the online business that makes her have  multiple online income streams.

She is a registered chemist, been a corporate employee of a prestigious company for 19 years and investor. She is also the author of The Fuller Method To Investing In The Stock Market: A Beginner’s Step-By-Step Guide To Successfully Investing In The Philippine Stock Market and The Fuller Method To Achieving Financial Freedom: Discover the 5 Simplest and Easiest Steps To Achieving Financial Freedom.

Her mission is to help her countrymen achieve financial security through saving & investing in the Philippine Stock Market and/or having a digital business. She wants to teach and share her knowledge to them that even with zero knowledge can learn how to successfully start to invest in the Philippines. 

Hear her story on how she was able to retire from her 8-5 job in just 2 years doing her digital business.

Cynthia is a wife and a mother of two kids. ”

Violeta Depalog  called VIOL by her friends and family.  An author, teacher  and also an OFW for more that 12 years, she's now living and teaching  in China and coaches stocks investing to Filipino teachers online. 

Her deepest desire of  sharing her passion on saving, investing and diversifying motivated her to found, a website solely dedicated to  fellow teachers, OFWs, and other ordinary employees who also desire to change their lives to achieve financial independence.

Luckily she'll be on vacation the time this event will happen. 

Jet Elnar is a certified life coach and marriage mentor and a Family Life Apostolate coordinator.

An educator by profession, for twenty six years until her mom got stage four cancer. She decided to help her dad take care of her mom thus Jet had to retire early. It was at this moment of her life that she started to venture on her real passion of people empowerment through writing and speaking during gatherings, seminar-workshops, retreats and online webinars.

Founder of Ecclesiastes Training and Development Services, a seminar organizing company and that offers empowerment programs.

Most importantly, Jet is happily married to Emmanuel for 25 years, a loving wife and mother and is passionate about promoting the value and purpose of human life that inspires to her creation of all her EMPOWERMENT blogs, courses, ebooks and events for people  to be able to create their best version of themselves.

Teofilo Bacalso is a chemical engineer by profession and an entrepreneur by heart.  He is also a "Laptop Lifestyle"  author,  financial educator and an online entrepreneur by application. 

Founder of that helps clients create their desired lifestyle by building multiple sources of passive income.


What others are saying...

My relationship with my husband transformed...

"I was newly married then and quite frustrated with my lack of tools to have my marriage stay in its honeymoon stage. It seemed like no matter what I did my relationship with my husband wasn't advancing into a better one. I thought I had hit the ceiling of my relationship abilities. After attending one of the marriage empowerment retreat  of Jet together with her pool of expert speakers my relationship with my husband transformed and got significantly better. I was able to equip myself effective tools on how to handle difficult relationship situations.

I pray to live mindfully my EMPOWERED MARRIAGE 'til death do us part!"

Trinidad Varias, Bookkeeper-Entrepreneur

It took all my insecurities and fear...

"I was so extremely happy to learn how to empower our marriage through Jet and her pool of speakers since it was my first time to be learning with my hubby and at the same time have fun learning with him. It seems it was our first date back then. We've got tips, tools and strategies on how to thrive in our marriage harmoniously and most of all how to grow in prosperity without argument and still preserve our love for each other and our God. My husband was so busy working that time and it seems to me that he had no time for me and the children, little did I understand that he was thriving and worked hard to reach his dreams of prosperity for our family. If not of the lessons we had we wouldn't understand how to combine love and prosperity in our marriage without being mean to each other. It took all my insecurities and fear of not having enough funds when we grow old. Thanks for creating classes like this, making it available to couples like us, it really helped us work out our good, ordinary marriage into a great and more meaningful one!."

Eva Judaya, Housewife

I learned many strategies...

"Before I started attending trainings or seminars by Jet, I thought there was only one path in life to follow if I wanted to succeed: study hard, graduate, get a job, earn promotions. That was it. But after I attended these trainings, I realized that there are many paths to success, and these are reachable enough for people like you or I. I learned many strategies, mindsets, and truths that are not taught in traditional schools. Now, my mind and horizons have been widened and with the grace of God, I hope I can fulfill my dreams. Hope I can truly live an EMPOWERED LIFE! Thank you Jet and Ecclesiastes Training!"

Jedidiah Singco, Research Coordinator

My goodness...

"When I met Mam Violy, teaching stocks investing, my goodness! My regret bakit ngayon ko lang ito nalaman."

Miriam Jumalon, Mom and Teacher

It really helps me further...

"Hi Mam Viol, to your Loss Calculator. By far my favorite bonus tool that I've been using since I started investing. Aside from the sorter, prompter and monthly picks, it really helps me further check and investigate if one is really a good stock and if I'm really earning or just losing. Especially useful for those who aren't well versed in using Excel formulas because all I have to do is input the stock prices , then analyze."

Venisse Eustaquio, Nurse

Pushing students to be different...

"Coach Tiyo Pilo, backed up with experience, results and integration of knowledge obtained from other coaches has his own teaching style, pushing students to be different."

Rene Unas , Mechanical engineer

You're in good hands...

"I asked myself can I really trust a person that I've just met online? Then I found out that Tiyo Pilo teaches based from what really works! With short, straight to the point, actionable and easy to follow training videos for the learners! You're in good hands with Tiyo Pilo "

Mark Earl Tabinas  , Online Entrepreneur

I have now the confidence and conviction...

"I have now the conviction and confidence on my own when it comes to investing. have a great day Mam Cynthia, thank you po ulit sa inyo."

Hemar Prudente , Employee

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When: July 27, 2019 Saturday   12:00nn- 5pm

Where: Diamond Suites, Cebu City

Investment: For Singles/Spouse only Php 797

For Couples Php 1497  

Inclusion: Snacks & Certificate

Bonus: FREE 4 ebooks and Lifetime membership to the speakers' closed support FB Group


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