Discover How I Was Able To Rescue And Manage To Gain Control Over Our Finances, Stopped Our Money-Rooted Couple Fears And Arguments Instead Live The Life We Always Imagined And Start A Thriving Business WITHOUT  Having So Much Stress Using My Discovered Framework "THE HARMONEY METHOD"

I Will Teach You The Newbie-Friendly And Simple Method Of Rescuing Your Couple Wallet So You Can Right Away  Begin Building Your Couple Fund.  This Step-By-Step Guide Is Best For Fearful Worried Spouses,  Newbies With No Experience And No Strategies  

Do you experience money-rooted arguments?

Are you having debts?

Do you worry because of minimal couple savings?

Are you constantly asking where did your couple money go?

If you are threatened by  financial security due to this pandemic...

if your marriage is experiencing financial devastation, 

if you feel anxious, fearful and  uncertain ... then this message is just for you.

And you need to realize, there is a cost to not dealing with this...

If You Ignore It, It Just Gets Worse.

And what happens if you just do nothing?

If you just keep doing what you’ve been doing?

You will be saddled with debt.

You will begin to commit financial infidelity with your partner.

You will not have peace of mind and will definitely miss real joy in your relationship.

Do You Want Peace  Of Mind And Get All The Support And Guidance You Need To Be A Success At RESCUING YOUR COUPLE WALLET?

You need to pay attention for just five minutes because this is a MUST read message.

There is hope!

If you want to transform the path of your married life, plant the goals on your mind, start to take actions and keep moving forward.

"I  honestly admit and tell you this..."

First, let me introduce myself and share my harmony and money story.

I would like to tell you our story about being saddled with debt.

Like you, all we envision of is a harmonious, prosperous marriage.

I dreamed of a happy marriage, playing with our children, and if problems will come our way we overcome them together.

But things were not what we thought of.

My mom got stage four cancer.

My father in law got sick.

We always were in money trouble.

First day in marriage we already had debt.

Our house was mortgaged through Pag-ibig. 

I got pregnant and was in complete bed rest because of a delicate pregnancy and jobless for almost a year.

On this same year since we live far from our work place we availed a vehicle loan.

We were in credit card trouble.

I saw an opening for a teaching position abroad advertised online. 

Thinking that it will help alleviate our financial condition I applied for the position.

Together with fellow teacher applicants, we were interviewed, made to pay fees, promised of a sponsoring employer yet still we were not deployed abroad.

We were made to hope that our sponsors were still working on our papers.

But lo and behold our 6 figure borrowed money was scammed by the agency

Until one day at age 37 my husband had a stroke.

That was my turning point. We were  literally BROKE.

No savings, no emergency funds, no investments, none!

Seeing my husband not even able to hold a spoon my heart broke and I could not even say to him, honey were broke!

These experiences opened my mind we didn't need "financial literacy."

What we really needed was "TOTAL TRANSFORMATION."

Our mind, body, heart  and soul must be transformed. 

I prayed hard for  humility, acceptance, financial. emotional and physical healing.

Then We Found Our SAVIORS

We were able to have peace of mind and stop money arguments.

We serve in church with authenticity and joy.

My husband is helping me in my passion to write books, speak and eventually led us to mentoring couples.

We were able to start build investments.

Our business is moving forward.

Together with my hubby, Manny, became  U.S. certified marriage mentors, marriage assessment facilitators and we have the privilege to mentor spouses for more than ten years now.

In short  we started to build a harmonious and empowered relationship.

Our realization, there is always hope for any situation.

Two Things That Helped Us Change Our Couple Situation.

We did only two things...


We agreed working on our SELF IMPROVEMENT to work for a better relationship.

We redirected our heart and mind to what is true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, gracious, excellent and worthy to be praised. 

In short, we focused on the positive side of the crisis.

This was not easy, since I was the first one to start and later influenced my hubby.

I learned and firmly believed that a spouse can not change a partner but can influence him/her.

Relationship gurus said, "our thoughts determine our lives."

When our thoughts changed, our lives changed.

When our thoughts changed, our relationship also changed.

We agreed to having CLARITY of our destination as a couple.

It was the best thing that happened in our marital journey.

Being clear on our STRATEGIES to not only survive but to THRIVE in this complex world gave us a new perspective specially in the perspective of Harmony and Money.

We went through the process of improving our habits and our mindset as an empowered spouse.


For years up to present we were able to share what we know to engaged and married couples.

And you can just imagine the joy they felt and how fulfilling it is on our end to find spouses happy and thriving in their own relationships.

Then I wrote an ebook.

We started our Marriage Empowerment Toast live streaming on our Facebook group, page and YouTube channel.

Spouses started to email us, commented on our videos and sent private messages. 

It Worked For Us, It Worked For These People, And It Will Work For You!

Now, I wanted to share my knowledge  with you. 


The HARMONEY METHOD is  a technique which considers five most important factors to strategically implement and build couple funds using simple steps to eliminate money-rooted fears, arguments and problems.

It is working first on couple harmony and next on couple money.

It is impossible to prosper your couple wallet when there is war.

You must seek PEACE first, then you will PROSPER.

Uniting your hearts, you at the same time align your couple finances.

Once you have harmony it is easy to see its impact to your wallet and it is easy to influence each other to start  building funds.

Here's my proof of our additional earnings when we started to apply the HARMONEY METHOD to build funds for our couple wallet and rescue it from getting broke again.

Emails received in a day informing I've got earnings from purchases using my affiliate link!

Best of all...
How about getting cash dividends (note even during COVID times)

Here are golden opportunities for you

You'll discover ...

  •  Your own method and how the system will work for your unique partnership.
  • That you can start on your own if your partner is not yet ready to journey with you.
  • That this is more of practical doable approach rather than theories.
  • That there's no need for you to browse and search for so many resources to get started immediately.

You'll conquer ...

  • Money triggered couple arguments.
  • The fear of retiring poor because this course was made for Pinoy spouses and couples  who want to get out of debt, start saving and building funds. 
  • The procrastination of rescuing your couple wallet due to the belief that in time it will just be okay.
  • The fear of losing your money when starting to build funds because you don't know where to start and how.
  • The discouragement, division and destruction of your marriage.
  • The lack of planning and strategies.
  • Getting stuck on your limiting beliefs.
  • The feeling of helplessness because you seem to be alone in your money journey.

You'll learn the ...


Yes! I would like to tell you how I do it!

Here's how I made the Step-By-Step Guide to help you start immediately.

Step 1. Understanding the Basic Principles and Foundations of Marriage and Money

Step 2.  Learning simple techniques to start a wallet checkup necessary in creating clear financial goals to achieve them.

Step 3. Identifying the do's and the don'ts in your approach to money problems.

Step 4. What practical strategies to apply on debt payments.

Step 5. Creating your own practical and doable cash flow system.

I want to make  sure that The HARMONEY METHOD will be very helpful for newbies because I've been there and I know how it feels.

I have learned that to be blessed in life one must also become a blessing to others.

To sum it up, it's because I want you to have the right perspective on both 


It is building a marriage filled with peace, joy, intimacy and financial health

GREAT Marriages Begin With A Solid Foundation!

Start small, dream BIG!

Imagine the time ...

when you have zero debt.

when you have savings for kid's education.

when there is no worry on funds to pay bills.

when you have additional income and your earning ability increases.

But most of all imagine the time ...

when you have a harmonious relationship with your spouse and instead of strife you are together working as a team to fill your couple wallet without stress.

Start to believe in yourself. 

Break out of the average.

End the conflicts, struggle and the pain.

There's nothing that you can not do or achieve!

All you need is to take action!

Introducing my...

The HARMONEY METHOD To RESCUE YOUR COUPLE WALLET Before It Gets Broke Without Having So Much Stress

Who is this for!

  • Spouses experiencing  money triggered couple arguments.
  •  Newly wed couples who feels helpless because you seem to be alone in your money journey.
  • Spouses who  fear of retiring poor
  • Married Employees who are procrastinating of rescuing their couple wallet due to the belief that in time it will just be okay.
  • Wives and Husbands  who fear of losing  money when starting to build funds because they don't know where to start and how.
  • Stay at home Moms and Dads who think they need guidance in couple money planning ang strategies.
  • OFW Spouses who want to go home for good and hope to start building funds.
  • Engaged couples who are preparing themselves to build a lifelong relationship.
  • For spouses who struggled to pay bills, stuck and feel that their is a need to learn how to attack financial challenges.
  • For any spouse or couple who desires to flourish and grow in marriage especially in the area of harmony and money.

I will ask you, how committed are you to changing your life?

Gaano mo ba kagustong makuha ang pinapangarap mong lifestyle?

How much do you want to achieve a peaceful and prosperous married life?

If you can honestly say, “Jet, I am very much committed and I want this year to be the year we become financially free!”

Then I urge you to TAKE ACTION NOW and click the "GET MY COPY NOW" Button to grab your "The HarMOney Method To Rescue Your Couple Wallet"  today!

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If The HARMONEY METHOD doesn't work I am offering you a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee provided you can prove to me that you have pursued and applied the step-by-step guide of The HARMONEY METHOD.  Is it fair enough?

What Other People Are Saying...

I never thought it was possible until our mentorship video chat nga mao akong gi look back pag present sa akong mga anak sa bizniz nangita ra ko sa strongest why (which I used to look back and present to my children about the bisniz to find the strongest why). After you teaching us step by step what to do to start our business I was so determined and passionate upon knowing through your guidance that the opportunities are within our hands. So grateful Sis Jet that you were there mentoring us in our couple finance journey and seeing our future in preserving harmony in our relationship and starting out our online business.

Joseph Pardo

Teacher turned Entrepreneur

So happy and #feelingblessed for being able to avail your "Harmoney Method to Rescue Your Couple Wallet"  Ate Jet !

Watching the bonus videos was a wonderful experience and we were able to learn a lot of things especially when it came to money matters. Fun and exciting permi  and dili jud ka maka.feel og duka, ing ana xa ka exciting!

Swerte kaau mi (We were so lucky), ang mga naka.avail sa imong klase (YEAY!!!). I know some people na magspend og time and money and still wala gihapon silay nakuha kai kulang2 ra ang inputs. But in your videos Hands down! Naa pay one on one coaching nga coming!!! Excited  

Thank you for being my mentor Ate Jet! And for always encouraging me and giving me new ideas on how to grow my finances. Indeed, I am blessed for having you as my mentor. More mentoring to come and have a blessed life! As you would always say " if you fail to plan, you plan to fail". Thank you and more power! 

Melody D. Mier

Homebased ESL teacher, wife & mom

Dami learnings very vital sa buhay mag asawa.

GOD bless you po Nay Jet!

MJ Tapia

Business Manager @ Tabletop Digital

A must for couples who are really serious in making their marriage stronger and finishing the journey together for better or for worse.

A great gift to us.

Franklin Vios


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Reality is that, in marriage spouses need both LOVE and MONEY, they need to know how to manage them,  that is why God gave couples everything they need to make both work for a lifetime.

chuck bentley


Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

Henry ford

Founder Ford Motor Company


Author, Founder Marriage Empowerment Tribe Oasis


Jet is a loving wife and mother. Together with her hubby Emmanuel are U.S. certified marriage mentors,  Marriage Assessment Facilitators. She herself is a certified life coach.

As a couple they have their share of marital struggles, fights, relationship dryness and their story of overcoming them.

Now they serve as Family Life Apostolate coordinator in their local parish.

She is the founder of Ecclesiastes Training and Development Services, a seminar organizing company and Marriage Empowerment Tribe that offers marriage and personal empowerment programs.