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Top 3 Talks

Jet will be more than happy to empower you and be your best version! 


Positive Imaging:

Couple Visualization Workshop

This talk will guide you in understanding the power of positive imaging, a couple visualization  that will empower you to create a happy marriage faster.


Marriage and


Know your money personality, solve your money problems, strengthen your marriage and build your strong financial house.


7 Principles to a 

Healthy Marriage

This workshop will allow and help you  build a healthy marriage using 7 power principles.



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Other MOST REQUESTED Talk Topics

For Couples:

1. How to Create Your Empowered Marriage

2. The Role of a Christian Wife: Leave and Cleave

3. Financial Literacy for Couples

4. How to Help Your Kids Survive Math

For Young Professionals

1. Empowered Version of You: Positive Visualization

2. How to Create Your Empowered Purse: Personal Financial Management

3. Personal Growth: Your Values, Your Life

4. Entrepreneurship 101

5. Become an Author Even If

You Believe You Can't

6. The Winning Attitude: Customer Service

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